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    1. Hand-Wash Trailer- 10/12 sink2. Potable Water Truck T33. Grey Water Truck T34. Shower Trailer -6 head5. Generator 45kw whisper watt (dry)6. Generator 25kw whisper watt (dry)7. Tent-20x20 Yurt w/insulation , 3 tables, 6 chairs8. Tent-29x35 Yurt w/insulation , 5 tables, 10 chairs9. 10’ x 10’ EZ-Up Shade10. Light Tower, Trailer mounted11. Tripod Mounted moon light with generator (dry)12. Additional office equipment13. 8’ tables, (36) chairs, 1 printer/copier/scanner/fax (1) PA System, 4x4 PIO board14. 4X8 briefing board with lights13. 8’ Folding Table14. Folding Chair15. Brother 8810DW Printer (or similar make)16. Toner17. Paper18. Portable Toilets19. Trash Bags20. 48 cases, 20oz bottle Gatorade21. 48 cases, 16.9 oz bottles water22. Pallet ice-500 pounds23. Drip Drop ORS-21g 100ct24. Relocation fees25. 25cu Yard Dumpster26. Fuel Tender Type 427. T6 Engine CAFS28. T2 Support Tender29. T1 Tactical Tender30. Service Truck/mechanic31. 3⁄4 to 1 Ton Pickup with driver32. Stakebed with driver (F550/Ram5500)33. Polaris Ranger UTV 2 seat or 4 seat34. MiscellaneousOther:

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