About 310 Dust Control

James and Kelly Cantelme started 310 Dust Control with a prayer and dream. Literally. This busy couple has been married for 11 years and runs their business like they run their lives, fast and determined.

James has a long history with various areas of the construction industry. When they began to think about growing their family they knew it was time to focus on one area, water and water services. Four years, three kids, four trucks, two trailers and multiple tanks and systems later, 310 Dust Control is catching fire.

They’ve grown from watering arenas for friends in the 85086, to dust control, forestry and potable water delivery. Most recently they’ve expanded to greater serve the demand of potable water delivery, pool fills and special events. Did you know they delivered water for Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix?

Why the name 310 Dust Control?

Residents and jobs within Maricopa County must abide by, Regulation Iii – Control of Air ContaminantsRule 310 Fugitive Dusts From Dust –Generating Operations. This means that dust must be controlled in order to control air contaminants. A large part of what we do is to help control the air quality at dust jobs around the Valley.