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Here’s Quick Way to Solve Emergency Water Needs

Living in Arizona creates special water challenges in our homes and workplace. Because of our extreme heat dryness, we have special needs. Our swimming pools and water features must be filled at all times. Empty lots, horse corrals, and construction sites create dust – illegally in some counties. Now there is a cost-effective solution for all of your potable water needs.  Water delivery services are easily accessible to help you in getting clean potable water to meet your needs in Arizona. 310 Dust Control is a water delivery company that can be relied upon for speedy delivery to your home, ranch, business, or office. 310 Dust Control is a reliable water provider that can help you save money in the long run.

Services we offer include:

Residential Water Services:

This includes water for indoor and outdoor use. Indoor usage can be for drinking, showering, washing dishes and clothes and cooking, etc. Outdoor usage can be for pool & spa filling, landscape watering for home, etc.

Pool & Spa Filling: Pool water delivery service means the delivery of water to your home or workplace by a truck. This is the best way to get clean water for your pool. We offer clean and balanced water for your pool which can be readily used for immediate swimming.  Metals and minerals are eliminated from the balanced water which makes it safe for swimming. We understand the urgency of refilling your pool as quickly as possible in the Arizona heat. For example, pools should not be drained in extreme heat. Doing so may cause cracking and even extreme damage to plaster and some other pool surfaces. However, in emergency situations pools may have to be drained and the fastest way to refill them is using trucked-in water. If your home uses private well water there may be over usage or water pressure concerns about refilling tend of thousands of gallons. In these types of cases, trucked in potable water is a cost-effective alternative to risking damage to a pool from a slow refill time or to a well. The water we deliver is clean and crystal clear which passes the clarity check. You only have to inform us about the depth and size of your pool and we will deliver clean and clear water for it.

Landscape watering & filling water features for home or business. Plants are expensive and are under severe stress in the desert. Having a property filled with plants and losing water for a couple of days can be very expensive. We understand that things that look beautiful need extra care, so we help you enhance the beauty of the landscape by delivering water for maintaining your plants, shrubs, and lawns, etc. We also specialize in filling pond water features.
Commercial Water Services: This includes water for commercial use like water for construction sites, and water for film production, festivals, and corporate gatherings.

Water for Film Production: Arizona is one of the hot spots for filming movies. We work closely with filming crews to deliver water wherever you want it. We also provide water for events such as pool parties, dunk tanks, and mud wrestling.310 Dust Control can support your event with Portable Toilets, Handwashing stations, and drinking water. We work with organizers to determine the proper ratio of people to equipment to make sure your facilities while not overpaying for things that are not used.

Water for Construction Sites: Our experts are trained and certified to maintain compliance and ensure to carry out dust control procedures. We pre-wet the soil to control the dust on excavation phases and shallow grading of the construction site.

Commercial Landscape Watering: The heat of Arizona results in perishing the plants, shrubs, and sods, etc. We offer maintenance services for government entities and landscaping agencies.

Infectious disease containment available

Hospitals, government and private businesses can take steps now to help prepare for the COVID-19 emergency. 310 Dust Control owns 20 Infectious disease containment tents and portable washing stations that are available to assist in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

A major concern of public health officials is the number of people who think they have caught the Corona Virus, will overwhelm hospitals.


The University of Utah Hospital has erected special Emergency Department tents to assess people who think they may have caught the coronavirus. Hospitals putting up the tents intend to keep potential COVID-19 patients away from the rest of the hospital.

Infectious disease containment tent interiors are designed to closely resemble a brick and mortar hospital in order to reduce stress on patients and staff. With areas for, full hygienic services and other important features, isolation shelters are intended to have everything needed to respond quickly and efficiently to this infectious disease outbreak.

The Center for Disease Control has stated that the most effective step that can be taken to prevent getting infected and slowing the spread of COVID-19 is frequent hand washing. Unfortunately, many public and private venues do not have the facilities built in.

President of 310 Dust Control, James Cantdlme stated “Our experience in supporting disaster relief crews makes us well equipped to supply hospitals, government and private businesses with potable water, hand washing stations and infectious disease isolation chambers that can be deployed quickly, nationwide”.

310 Dust Control is an Arizona company with national contracts with the US Forrest Service and the State of Arizona for setting up disaster response facilities for extended periods of time.

Hospitals, Government Agencies and Private Businesses may contact James Cantdlme regarding deployment details at   602-390-0352 or james@310dustcontrol.com