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Phoenix Commercial Water Services

Water for Construction Sites

In Phoenix and all of Maricopa County, improving the air quality is not just the law it is the right thing to do for the community. We are trained and certified in dust control procedures ensuring you of compliance.

We use water trucking services to control the dust on shallow grading and excavation phases of projects. We are trained to control dust by properly pre-wetting the soil without over saturating it.

Our trucks are equipped with pump systems with plenty of power to run multiple heads at a time. Our drivers are trained in dust control and are equipped with mobile phones to communicate with the job site foreman and blade men. We secure needed permits and save you money by working with the closest water departments.

Water for Construction Sites

Commercial Landscape Watering

Expensive sod, hydro seeding, plants, shrubs and trees need watering in the Arizona heat or they will perish. Landscaping companies and government entities can utilize our experience and services on a maintenance plan or in an emergency. Our trucks have spray heads and hoses that can service hard to reach areas.

Water for Film Production

In recent years Arizona has become a hot spot for filming movies. We have experience working with filming crews. We travel all over the Phoenix area to deliver refreshing water with the ability to connect to much rain-making plumbing. We even work with local water municipalities when possible to make sure you have the water you need when you need it.

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