Outdoor Portable Sink by the Pool

My husband and I were talking for months about finding a new home for our growing family. We have been saving money for years and we have saved enough to buy a really nice home. One day, we went out looking for a house. We have always wanted to buy a beach house or a house atop a mountain. We just wanted a house with a really great view. After a long trip, our last stop was a beach house. So we went inside the marvelous house. The exterior was great but the interior was another story. The house was painted pearl white and the stuff inside were either made of glass or wood. I loved it instantly.

Then the real estate agent brought us outside and the view was breathtaking. It was a beach house but still it has its own swimming pool with Jacuzzi. It has a grill and outdoor portable sink. I have never seen an outdoor portable sink before so I was kind of excited to think that if we would buy this house, I would own one. The real estate agent said that the house was previously own by a celebrity but she refused to give the name. we did not urge her because my husband and I was just so mesmerized with the house.

The house was a little bit over our budget but it was the house that really caught our eyes and heart. On our way home, we were still talking about that house. We have both envisioned having our family live there. We have four children and we have envisioned them jumping altogether on the pool while my husband grills barbecue beside that little outdoor portable sink. It was just great.

We have told our kids about the house and they were also excited about it. The following day, we brought our kids with us to see the house and as we know it, our children loved it, too. They were practically begging us to buy the house. They were so excited that they all ran upstairs to choose their bedroom already. We have never seen our children that happy so my husband and I knew what to do; we called the real estate agent and the following day we were signing the papers. The house, our dream house, is finally ours. We have bought the beach house with the great view.